Important Announcements from Marla

  • Email Confirmation
  • New Email Policy
  • New Lesson Request Survey
  • For the “Beginners”
  • Marla’s Upcoming Schedule

Email Confirmation – Many still missing

Hi everyone! Many of you have NOT confirmed your subscription to the
Pastel Painting Lessons member list. It is important that I can reach you by
email on this list.


  • Do an inbox search for email with the subject “Please Confirm Your Subscription to Pastel Painting Lessons – Member Email List
  • If you use gmail, yahoo,, hotmail, aol – this means you!

    • Please check your spam folder for this email
    • Click the link in the email to Confirm

    This was sent to you when you registered, so you’d have to click the confirmation link to complete the process.

    Click to enlarge image:

    New Email Policy

    For all “Pastel Painting Lessons” support issues such as billing / login / help / cancellation website issues –

    Contact Green Pixel Dev HERE

    I will no longer answer any tech or billing questions.

    Moving forward, I will only reply to ARTWORK related questions, emails regarding your
    goals, obstacles, learning etc.

    Sorry, but I do have to “cut back” on email replies or else so I can make your critiques!

    New Lesson Request Survey

    I would love to hear from you. Let me know what lessons you want next. – HERE

    For the “Beginners”

    Many of you have been feeling intimidated by the other videos
    you are seeing, and may have been posting videos as private.

    I do urge you to post post your artwork as PUBLIC though as it will encourage the other beginners as well!

    We are all here to encourage and learn, so there is no need to hide! I am here for you.

    Marla’s Upcoming Schedule

    May is crazy tour month for me, very hard to get in the studio
    for more “Watch & Play” videos until possibly early June.

    I know – I said you get a song a month, I will get caught up
    if I get behind. Thanks for your understanding!


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