I developed this online workshop to help members progress with their journey in art making. These lessons contain a lot of information that oil painters are curious about and are even hungry for. Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at things a little differently.

The online workshop is a 6-week course which includes 12 assignments. It starts with basic skills but is great for all levels. It introduces more advanced techniques as you progress through the workshop. I’ll teach you the basics and help you to see through the eyes of an artist, while giving plenty of encouragement along with actionable advice.

Each of these lessons are a great mix of the fundamentals of painting, play and inspiration; perfect for the artist just venturing into painting or more experienced painters looking for a kick start to a new level. Color theory, composition and perspective lessons help you paint with more confidence as well as better see value and color.


Assignment 1
Paint a basic cylinder and sphere using the grey scale. This early practice of capturing forms in light will serve us well as we build on our observational skills.
Assignment 2
Learn color mixing basics and techniques for blending, brushwork, edge control and more. We’ll identify the planes in light and in shadow and how-to pre-mix color to create volume.
Assignment 3
Pears combine two of the root forms we’ve already worked with. We'll employ the simple techniques from the previous lesson to pre-mix color and value to capture the pear.
Assignment 4
You’ll follow my step-by-step procedure to create a dramatic sky. Light pervades the landscape, so it’s essential for us to know how to go about painting it.
Assignment 5
You’ll learn how to capture the character of various kinds of trees in the landscape. We’ll deal with 'green' and consider direction of light and the volume of a cluster of trees.
Assignment 6
Capture the transparent beauty of water in a flowing river, painting the reflections of nearby trees and the rocks beneath the surface.
Assignment 7
You’ll learn to capture the quality of light in an early morning sunrise, just before the sun crests the horizon. We’ll consider how to keep the values in correct relationship to convey this calm and peaceful scene.
Assignment 8
Paint a mountain scene using strong shapes and value differences. We’ll study a bit of aerial perspective to help us determine the correct value relationships in this mountain scene.
Assignment 9
In this lesson you’ll learn how to depict a variety of elements in the landscape. We'll focus on brushwork rather than the objects, to capture the whole landscape without getting stuck on the details.
Assignment 10
This lesson will focus on how to achieve the drama of a sunset sky by orchestrating the value and colors.
Assignment 11
Discover how to paint a landscape that vibrates with light and color. You'll start by blocking in the basic forms with bold and direct strokes to capture the patterns of light and shadow.
Assignment 12
The final lesson provides some insight on how to include a simple structure using perspective drawing and measuring.